Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Demolition - phase 1!

Today was D-day for the garage.  Thanks to the demolition crew who managed to not only destroy the garage but also to not need emergency medical treatment in the process.


Completed new fencing on 3 sides (out of 4 neighbours) this week, and it seems a good time to take some "before" photos, before the demolition crew gets here this afternoon!

Here's the front

and here's the back

More vegie bonanza

 Finally, the tomatoes are getting ripe, but every so slowly. 
In the meantime we've gotten lots of eggplants - I keep picking them small as they seem to have glossy, taut skin then, which gets wrinkly as they get older.

It's still not been very sunny, and only moderately warm but humid.  Sprayed a couple of times as the caterpillars were chewing holes in the tomatoes, green as they were.  But at least they're on their way now.... the trusses on the grape tomatoes are filling out well and even the beefsteaks are starting to show a little orange tint to them now.  I think the beans are nearly done and the zucchini seems pretty variable in quality but is still producing.