Sunday, November 6, 2011

Around the world in a month

Only a very quick post as I'm in between trips overseas - just got back from Europe and on way to Japan.  Europe was a trip to look at computed tomography beamlines and involved some time visiting and doing experiments at SLS, where the sheep graze under solar reflectors (?) and the Sprungli chocolates and cakes are delicious!  

First phase of the steelwork is in and now we can get a much better idea of how big the living/dining space will be.  We've shelled out so that the roof structure can be renewed - the purlins/rafters were far from straight, not surprising given they're probably more than 90 years old.  Not much other obvious progress but the car parking area is now nearly backfilled and the levels look good - our interior staircase will not be quite as high as we had thought.  The fusebox has been chased out of the brickwork and is in it's new position closer to the front door.  And the bathtub has been delivered... seems a bit premature as there's not actually much of a bathroom to install it in as yet.  Have picked the colours for the tiles and carpet - all of which have silly names - so we're getting the interiors sorted slowly.  Still no lights though!