Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gardens away

Some catch up shots now that we are back from Malaysian holidays and the landscaping has very nearly been finished in our absence.  The before shot (from the living room due to the neverending rain) ......

 and the after shots:

As you can see, there's instant lawn down and lots of mulch plus paths made from lilydale toppings.  It's a nice change to not wade through mud every time we go outside.  The garden beds are full of manure and compost and broad beans, peas and sugar snaps went in two weeks ago - they're just starting to come up now.  Also in are broccoli and pak choy.  The third bed is for onions, leeks and carrots, but a bit too early to plant the leeks and carrots just yet.  Onion seedlings are waiting to be planted.

Here's Ruby enjoying the mulch.  She's even figured out how to get into her kennel via the door flaps now.  She isn't really reconciled to being outside during the day as she's had quite a few days inside whilst building works are being finished.  One major inside job this week - installation of the (sun shade) roller blinds - still waiting on the fabric curtains though.
 The real chickens won't be quite this big.  It's turning out to be hard to get pullets at this time of year, so they haven't moved in just yet.
 The front yard sits around the new car turnaround area, which is just big enough to do a 3 point turn in.  Everything's rather tiny at the moment but hopefully come spring, there will be a bit of growth.  Finally had the water tank problems sorted out this past week - a crack in the inspection port meant that the line wasn't staying as charged.  But that's now fixed and the tanks are finally filling up - being used currently in the toilets and washing machine.  It's not like the garden needs the water.
At least the lawn's nice and small now - not much to mow.