Sunday, March 27, 2011

Autumn daze

A few warm days rounds out the (end of the) start of autumn, or the summer that never was.  Normally we should still be having the odd scorcher in the first few weeks of the university year.  Instead it's been cold and occasionally (very) damp.  Ruby is out enjoying the last of the sunshine. The end of the tomatoes is near, with the plants dying off from the bottom up, even as there's still a lot of fruit ripening.  I've bottled over 4 litres of tomatoes, and still not sure I've got it right as the bottles seem to lose liquid during the bottling process so that the fruit is only barely covered.  But the bottles are sealing at least, so I hope they'll keep ok.

Quite a few eggplants still, but they're getting to the end too.  I've pulled out the beans and the strawberries, putting in silverbeet for a quick crop hopefully before we have to move.  Potted up a few strawberries to hopefully carry with us wherever we go.  Will plant snow peas when the tomatoes finally finish up, again hopefully for a really quick crop.  Will be sad to not have access to a vegie patch during the renovations, although looking forward to a full 4 crop rotation system when we finally get started again! 

Although there's not much new in the old rose bed, we've redone the bamboo fence to dogproof it, especially as Charlie (Ruby's cousin) tends to just barge on through. 

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