Thursday, October 13, 2011

We'll all be eating silverbeet

Another couple of weeks, another site meeting.  This time the block walls are in, filled with concrete, and waiting to be rendered and backfilled.  The steel frame install will be taking place over the next week or so.  Here's Rob trying out the new ensuite - note the plunge pool.  There's not that much new to see really at the moment, but things seem to be progressing.  The car parking area is behind a new retaining wall, from which we will be able to look down into next door's driveway.  Looks like it's time for a new fence there....  But the most amazing this is that despite being bulldozed and buried for the last month or two, the silverbeet has emerged unscathed - we'll all be eating silverbeet after the nuclear winter.

This week sees us living in Vermont South, after a week or so at Chris and Jenny's.  We're not here for long, which is just as well really as it's not the cleanest house we've ever seen but hopefully it will be cleaner when we leave than when we arrived.  In residence here are Cody and Tim, looking relaxed here with Rob (this was not at all a typical state of affairs!).  Ruby is finding all the competition a bit tough.  Tomorrow we're off again for another week, this time to Mum and Dad's.  At least Ruby will find it more peaceful there.

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