Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another month, another housesit

On the road again today to move to East Malvern, after a 2 week stay at Mum and Dad's.  This time, we're at least staying put for six weeks, housesitting for an English-Australian family that are going to old blightly for the Christmas holidays.  Ironically, their house is also under renovations which are nearly finished - but they've been nearly finished for quite a while now so we'll have builders coming and going for the next week or two it seems.  Still, it's a very nice roof over our heads for a change.  The only downside is taht ruby can't come with us, so she's staying with her cousin Charlie for a bit.  Poor thing, she thought we were going to leave her behind completely and was looking very sad as we were packing up.  But she's pretty adaptable and seems to get along well with Charlie most of the time although feeding time will probably be a bit of a battle.

Dropped by the house today and all of the steel work is finished, with roof and walls now being formed for the new parts, plus beginnings of new plaster for the old parts of the house.  Openings formed and skim coats of render all over the place.  It's looking much more like the final shapes of the spaces are nearly formed.  Just as well, as we've just approved a whole bunch of variations, including reblocking throughout, and very expensively, new rafters and tiles for the entire roof.  At this rate, there really won't be much of the old house left, so it had better be worth it!  

But it is looking promising.... so today we also went looking for a dining table light, an important feature as it will hang from nearly the highest part of the ceiling in the middle of the open plan area, so is a bit of a feature.  I think we've nearly decided on a 'ball on a stick' light made of Murano glass.  I'm off again to Japan next week so when I get back perhaps we'll have a few more walls.....

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