Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year update

Happy new year!

Seems a good time to do a garden update, which I've not been keeping up with at all.  Lots happening in the vegie beds, from left to right now filled with:
  • tomatoes and zucchini
  • onions and carrots (plus nasturtiums).  Chilli seedlings squeezed in.
  • beans and cucumbers, pumpkins seeds just germinated.

First harvest of zucchinis, beans and cucumbers already done and eaten, tomatoes just flowering.

The apricot tree is also doing well, with lots of fruit shaping up well, but the possums have been getting into the net.  Can't work out for the life of me how they got in last night - previously there was a hole chewed in the bottom, but I blocked that up, so they must be sneaking in underneath where it's a bit loose perhaps?  It was just touching the ground and weighted down with some bits of wood around the edges.  I heard that hanging mothballs around was supposed to deter them so I scattered a few around, but can't saw it slowed them down at all. Next step is to tie the net more firmly around the trunk of the tree above the ground.  If all else fails, I'm going to pick them early and let them ripen on the windowsill. Last year they decimated the tomatoes, this year the apricots..... fat lot of good the guarddogs (ha ha ha) are doing.

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