Thursday, January 26, 2012

Potatoes from outer space

Not much obvious progress since last update, although a crop of giant potatoes from outerspace has landed in the back yard.  Looks like Sam the landscaper got them in just in the nick of time before the back fence is due to go up.  Some argument this week about whether we should pay extra to have bolts at the bottom of the fence's steel frame countersunk or not.... I mean, they're just bolts.  The saga of the back window continues, with much discussion about why the window measurements are not correct, resulting in the glass having to be 10mm instead of 8mm thick.  All we can say is that we're not paying anything extra.  The tree permit has FINALLY been submitted so we're all ready to get Jim's (actually Rob) trees in to get rid of it which is going to cost a small fortune, but it's a BIG oak tree.  Probably won't make us very popular with the neighbors.  Also this week we gave the go ahead to the stained glass window maker to start on the windows for the front doors.  A bit more ornate than I would have liked, but they go with the period and style of the original house; one of the few things where Rob got final say.  Here's Ruby looking bored by the whole thing and just wanting to go home.

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  1. Yes it does not happen very ofteen so I am grateful I have managed, at least this once to get my way.