Monday, February 13, 2012

Roof roof!

Some more obvious signs of progress at this week's site meeting - not only has the deck got stumps and bearers, but the roof is on!  Or at least pretty much most of the roof is on.  We're not waterproof yet, as the joins to the tiled parts aren't flashed properly, still no windows, and there's a few details yet to be worked out (nothing is straight in an old house), but the inside looks a lot darker now that we have actually covered up the rafters in the new part.... no cladding on the walls yet but since the sarking is up we get a reasonable idea of how the inside works.  No glazing as yet, as still in dispute over the large window.  It would help if the window company would actually take less than about 5 working days to respond each time we need some info from them.  They're definitely delaying the job now as we won't be waterproof until we get the windows in obviously, and that means that none of the plasterers etc can start either.... but there's not a lot we can do about it until we settle the cost increases that it looks like we have choice but to stump up.  We don't be recommending them to anyone else to put it mildly.   

With the exception of the big window though, most of the frames for the other windows are in, including the enormous door from the car parking area into the living room.   Resolved the door architraves (yet again, it seems) today; bathroom joinery also being made, although we may have to tweak the layout a little as the vanity sinks are wider than was allowed for.  And maybe one day we'll get to see the interior paint colours....... if we ask the architect another few dozen times.  It's almost as painful as the tree permit - for which we got the bad news last week that we haven't been able to get a permit to remove the oak tree near the front fence. It puts a bit of a downer on the plan to have fruit trees in the front yard as they may not get enough sun....but again, not much we can do about it.  Sigh.

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