Tuesday, April 17, 2012

24 March update

Another month, another house.  Late this month saw us moving out of the Bayswater rental to a house sit in Ormond, where we're looking after Milly the labrador, Tigger the cat, and lots of fish (no names that we know of).  We're here for all of April and DrK is enjoying having kitchen utensils again.  Ruby is enjoying the company of Milly and discovering her inner bully.  Now that the window saga seems to finally be over, the builder can finally make some progress on the interiors.  So the insulation is in and the plasterer is shortly going to be covering all this up. After a bit of a clash with the architect, we've also picked colours for the outside trim (gutters, fascia, porch posts etc) - all done in a bit of a rush as the builder needed it to finish the roof flashing.  Woodland grey has triumphed over federation green.  It's good to see things on the move again.  And we've found some housing that'll take us to the end of June, so here's hoping that'll be the last move.

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