Monday, March 19, 2012

Slowly, slowly....

Another site meeting last week - window still not fixed then, but done by the time we dropped around at the weekend.  Yep, it is now not possible to stick you hand between the frame and the glass.  But to counterbalance this we also noticed that they didn't make the glass in the bathroom/laundry door obscure like it's supposed to be. Yet another thing for the window manufacturer to fix.  No doubt they hate this job by now, although probably not as much as we resent them for being a big fraction of the builder's expected SIX WEEK delay past the original completion data..... sigh.  This puts us moving in around early-mid June so we're on the hunt for more housing for May-June.  We had been hoping that our current house-sit bookings (through to mid-May) would have seen us through to moving back home.  

Other things that have happened recently - battens are in for the plaster work and the electrician was just finishing off the first fix of all the wiring, so we expect to have insulation and plasterboard coming soon.   The builder has had to reframe the opening for the attic stepladder, as the supplier has suddently decided that the one we originally specified isn't available any more (after being "on order" for six months and just waiting for stock to come in) so that's a bit annoying for him, but at least we didn't have to pay an extra $300 for a custom made ladder.  The lining for the staircase is in, although we hope they're going to frame the gaping hole that currently exists to the underside of the kitchen floor.  Spent a not too painful period choosing between about 12 shades of white for the wall colour and joinery colour.  When we say "not too painful" it was a bit like being at the optometrist's doing pairwise comparisons - which looks better, antique white or shoji white?  Now which looks better, antique white or chalk?  About 20 comparisons later, we managed to make some choices, no doubt which we won't be able to tell the difference between when they're all in place.  

 Finalised a few minor changes to the pantry - i.e. making the door taller so that Rob can actually go into it!  Water tanks are in place although not connected yet - they're pretty big but the drop in level makes them not too bad once in place.  We'll put some shrubbery (ni!) in front of them to hide them hopefully.  And we have an enormous storm water drain at the base of the driveway now - should keep back the floods we think.

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