Sunday, September 4, 2011

Demolition - phase 2

Phase 2 involved the carport and the laundry demolition (actually done on 10 July).  A big job as the laundry is not only bigger but also had internal walls and lining.  After cutting the power and water (thanks George) it was all systems go with an even bigger skip than last time but a slightly reduced construction crew.  Some pyromaniac decided to get rid of some of the excess timber by burning it in the BBQ; a fine idea although I don't think the fig tree nearby appreciated the bonfire that resulted.  We also managed to turn water in the stormwater pipes to steam coming OUT of the downpipes! The carport was a much easier affair to get rid of, although the posts were pretty obstinate being set in concrete and bricks.  But finally, the day ended with the laundry gone and the skip full.  Poor Ruby doesn't know what's happened to her home, which is not just a pile of debris! Here's an unpdate on the backyard panorama, nearly 2 months after the demolition, with jungle grass taking over both the backyard and the vegie patch.

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