Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thunderbirds are GO!

 Finally, finally, finally we have a building permit so the builder can actually move onto the site and get started officially.  After many frustrating delays (not helped by a very conservative building surveyor apparently) we finally got a permit last Thursday 1st September so now it's all systems go.  Here's hoping we can still be on track to finish by next Easter.  The builders haven't wasted any time at all, having moved straight onto site to start propping up the roof in preparation for the demolition work.  Just as well the weather has been dry, as we can now see straight through to the sky.  But it does show also why the house is so cold in winter - there's so little insulation in the roof and then just the tiles between the ceiling and the sky.  Looking forward to having a properly insulated roof which should really make the house much more pleasant in summer as the thermal mass does keep it pretty cool; hopefully cool enough to do without airconditioning, which we can't afford!  

In the meantime, we're getting towards the end of our first house sit, some 6 weeks after moving out, and so are urgently looking for new places to live.... hopefully something will come up soon as we're homeless at the end of the month.

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