Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making progress

Demolition works are pretty much done - all the stuff by the demolition subcontracter is done, including taking out a lot of concrete and other junk on site, so it's all looking a lot cleaner now.  The back half of the house is now completely open to the elements, but it's giving us a good idea of how the open plan area will look like.  It's going to be great to have the really large window overlooking the entire back yard, and to have the light flooding in to that side of the house.  I'm a bit concerned that the kitchen/dining/living area a lot smaller than I had thought, but I'm hoping the space is still deceptive at this stage and it will seem larger when the proper ceiling heights are established.  

We finally found a couch that we both like, by going for a really deep one which is low but allows for adequate slouching so I really hope it fits in.  We'll see I guess; it is hard to tell at the moment.  On the flip side, the master bedroom is bigger than I expected, just by demolishing the flimsy cupboard that was there before.  Even the 2nd bedroom which will shrink when the master bedroom cupboards are installed, still seems nice and generously sized.  We've also had our second site meeting, this time with our landscaper, and are all set for him to do major earthworks before the footings, particularly for the retaining walls, get started sometime later this week.  

We're also about to move house again - our first housesit in Highett is nearly finished, and apart from the inconvenience of a longer commute and not having all the bits and pieces around us that we might like, it's been pretty good overall.  And Ruby and the resident cat, Moggett, are finally getting along quite well! We can't really complain though about living rent free for two months.  It's going to be a bit piecemeal for the next month or two, with moving every week for the forseeable future, but hopefully some more sits that are a bit longer are also on the cards.


  1. excellent, but I'm still upset about missing demo - phase 2!!

  2. Very exciting! Can't wait to see the finished project!