Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, our the entry windows are all done already!  It'll be quite a while before they're installed but apparently it's not a bad thing if the putty gets a chance to set.... we got them made by a leadlighting designer whose shop is quite near Rob's office.  They're based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design.  Still too fancy for my liking. One of the glass patterns (the triangular pieces under the diamonds) is the same as is in the original doors, so it's nice to have some continuity at least.  Our other window issue, the big window to the living/dining area has finally been resolved, i.e. we bargained down the supplier to an acceptable increase in price.  Had to sacrifice the dog door to do so, and it all still rankles.  But hopefully things will actually progress now.  Looking forward to seeing them get on with things... the builder has said there will be delays but we don't know by how much yet.

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