Saturday, March 10, 2012

A grand designs moment

A bit of a delayed post - photos from 29 Feb in this one - as DrK's been really frantic getting grant applications done.  So at the last site meeting, just as we thought the window saga was all over and done with, they came and did the install of the big window.  This involved a crane and building a platform big enough to take the 500kg of window + the 10 men required to lift it into place!  Looks alright from the outside so far doesn't it......  well look a bit closer, where we've apparently been given extra ventilation.  Yep, after all the saga about getting the measurements incorrect, which led to an increase in glass thickness, which led to an increase in price.... THEY BUILT IT 5CM TOO SHORT!!!!  So apparently now that it's going to cost them $$$ to do a new one, they've also discovered that the opening window that goes next to the corner, CAN be wider than designed - in fact, coincidentally it's 5cm wider than designed.... so now they're going to have to redo the frame.  The only good news from this particularly sorry saga is that they're going to take back the price increase provided we agree on accepting the (incorrectly) sized windows they've already made.  All this was supposed to be to everyone's benefit as it was only going to take a few days to fix rather than 2+ weeks to manufacture a new window, and obviously it saves them quite a bit of money to avoid making new glazing units.  But today Rob happened to drop by and found not only has the big window not been fixed, but also that the back door glazing to the bathroom/laundry is not obscure as it should be but clear.  All I can say is this window company has held up the job probably around 4 weeks and they're the most incompetent bunch of clowns we've ever come across.  We're feeling more and more like those hapless folk on Grand Designs whose builds run grossly overtime and over budget. Other minor things that have come up are what the finish should be for a bulkhead in the kitchen (usual robust discussion about what the architect wants to do vs what we've already told them is our decision on what will be done).  Waiting on a paint sample to finalise the joinery colours.  This week we also took advantage of 25% off tables at blueprint and bought a dining table.  Fortunately they're ok to store it for quite a while....    and I've just had to tell the lighting retailer for the dining table pendant that we're not quite ready to pick that up yet so could they store that for a bit longer.... sigh.  This week sees us moving from our short term rental in Glen Waverley to a different rental (same management company) in Bayswater.  Not too bad a commute for me, but we're going to borrow Mum's car for a month to make it a bit easier for Rob.  Turns out the Bayswater place is a fair bit nicer than the Glen Waverley one, for exactly the same price, so at least the commute is worth it.  This one's a unit so not so much room for Ruby as it's only got a small yard, but she seems happy enough.

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